Friday, December 5, 2008

All I Want

Christmas List
((Andrew, you wanted to know cute boy! here it is!))

1. Olympus Stylus 1030 sw [I need a point and shoot REAL bad, and this takes care of my ocean/surfing needs]
2. Ammon Proof watch [This would replace the watch I was given about 4 years ago from an ex-boyfriend. The old digital that he gave me has been my favorite, but it's falling apart and they don't make it anymore :(..]
3. Xhilaration Sherpa Jacket [Leather or pleather.. doesn't matter, this jacket is CUTE! Oh Target, I love you so..]

Yes, I am well aware of the pricy-ness that exists on this very short and sweet list. But don't you worry, Andrew has known my lust for the camera ever since we were dating.. so this wont be much of a shocker to him. ;) So come Christmas we will see what's under the tree!


Ashley said...

I just posted my wish list today too. :) Mine is a lot longer than yours though! I love the jacket!

Christy said...

Okay so you don't really know me, but... first of all, I love your blog, second of all, I had that camera (until I lost it!) and it is the best! I'm so sad that I can't find it :(

Erin and Aaron said...

I WANT THAT WATCH! we have simliar tastes, miss, as we both had the compact too! my battery or something just ran out, bc about two months ago, i watched the numbers fade, flicker, and then die. and i cried. :(

Erin and Aaron said...

wait.. i acutally wanted the motif as a replacement, silly me. but the one you ahve pictured is AWESOME too :) i like that's it's digital, the motif isn't.