Friday, November 21, 2008


It came, it happened and it was LOVELY!
I know many of you have not yet seen it, and for you.. I will not unveil my opinions and such. But I will tell you this, I wasn't disappointed. In fact, I went in with zero expectations, and came out very happy. With any novel-to-movie screen, you loose SOO much of the depth and goodness, and there just isn't enough time in 2ish hours to display all of the intensity. (Harry Potter lovers will tell you that the movies always leave out SO MUCH of the wonderfulness, and it hold true to this film as well.) Of course I must say that they did so good with what time and depth they could show.

Loved it.. now go see it and be your own critic. :)
On a side note: My dear Aunt Shawna (whom I've mentioned before, is a dear friend of Stephenie's) was given a personal invite for both herself and Uncle Walt, to go to the Arizona red-carpet premiere. HOW AWESOME!? She loved it, and loved being able to see their good old friends Steph and Pancho again.
Jealousy! ..but we love you Aunt Shawna and are so glad you had tons of fun!
Shawna, Stephenie, Pancho, & Walt
Cheers to you Stephenie, for a job well done. :)

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The Nielsens said...

i am leaving for my rather late viewing of this much anticipated film and i can hardly contain my pee. i came online specifically to read your thoughts (i knew i could count on you to blog about it for me)...and i thank you for the uplifting remarks! :)