Saturday, November 22, 2008

So Much Goodness

It's so true. LOTS OF GOODNESS..

1st item of splendor- $1.91 a gallon for gas! Not to mention the fact that I get hooked up with extra cents off all thanks to my Smith's preferred card. Pssssh, like ANYONE can even complain about gas anymore!!

2nd token of glee- I worked my BUTT off today, and it will be SO divine when I get my paycheck next week.. CHA-CHING! ..and on top of that I was so DEAD after my long and intense shift, but somehow I managed to get this TOTALLY random burst of lightning-round energy. I ended up 'framing my face' for a mile or two, then straining my lungs while singing Kanye's "Love Lockdown." It was phee-NOM!

And lastly, but most IMPORTANTLY..

3rd's the word- Check out Ash, seriously.. she's got a bundle of good news to share! :)

Alright, that's my moment of good tidings..
Have a pleasant evening!

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