Saturday, November 15, 2008

skin iD

Skin iD is a face care system that was created by Neutrogena to treat ALL different skin types. Let's be honest, MOST companies only offer a one way street claiming that it will work for EVERYONE'S skin type.. but skin iD is a brand new line that has a PLETHORA of products that are given to you based on a very well thought out survey.
So basically you go to their site, and take the survey, and they give you a 100% guarantee on 3 products that they say will work best for you and your skin type.
I have yet to give this new line a try, but I did the skin evaluation and these were my results.

It's fun! Go here and see what they have to say about YOUR skin. Who knows, you just might fall in love with a new product line, that works. :)


Seth and Lacey said...

I must say I am a dedicated Proactiv user, but I've actually heard that this stuff works for a lot of people!

Amy Marie said...

i have been thinking about trying this for a while... maybe!

It's All About Love said...

I definately use this stuff and it works like a charm! Its quite costly but worth it for good skin.I love it