Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Poison Rings

You may or may not have any clue what that means..
But I assure you, it is very self explanatory, and they're TOTALLY rad and mysterious. :)

Let me explain 'poison ring' to you..
The rumor is, back in the Victorian days, woman would wear these sneaky little devils. They would enclose some sort of 'poison' into the charm or 'locket' and save it for the right moment. It generally adorned the pinky-finger, for easy access. ;) It was generally taken advantage of when they were asked to mix up drinks for their dinner, or tea guests. If there was someone they wanted to ...you know, by the flick of a wrist, in goes the poison, and no one was the wiser..
..of course, until nature took it's course, and someone was keeled over.

Totally interesting history. I found out about all of this a while back when my adorable and eclectic friend Alexis Munoa (now Dyer), was wearing one that was totally precious, and she filled me in on what it was all about.

Muahhahaha. To wheel you in then OFF WITH ya!
So yes, real vintage ones still exist (like Alexis') ..and there are also new ones being produced by people just as interested as I am. Take a gander..

Ring 1 & Ring 2
I totally want to own one someday! :)


Adam and Tone said...

You are cute. And I love you.

Merkley Jiating said...

Haha. You are awesome!