Wednesday, November 26, 2008

"The Bird"

Okay, so Andrew and I have been joking back and forth the last week or so about cooking 'the Bird' ..which usually had us laughing, and then running to find Birdie and to hide her so that she wouldn't get cooked by the one of us who was making the joke. Now OBVIOUSLY we would never put Birdie in the oven, and would never intentionally hurt her.. but the jokes have been harmless and entertaining. It became more and more common to the point where I would seriously be talking to Drew about cooking the bird, and he would cry.... "NO! BIRDIE! NEVER! she's our CHILD." Haha, we then enjoy some giggles, pretend to tie her hind legs together (which by the way VERY much so resemble turkey drumsticks).. and then apologize to her for the silliness.

From mother to child..
Birdie.. Don't you worry, we will be putting an ACTUAL bird in the oven tomorrow. Not you. We love you.. and will probably reward you some scraps for being so cute. :)
Cheers to a wonderful holiday tomorrow!
image from Bill Draker Nature Photography

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

hahahahah! oh man. that is a really good one. it's these moments i miss the most because you guys live in utah.

<3 abbyy.

Eric Monroe said...

How did the Birdie....I mean the turkey taste?