Thursday, October 16, 2008

Random Rantings

None of these bullets have any connection to one another, other than they are things that have collectively come from my brain..

- Today I conquered the mountain known as "clean laundry" ..I FEEL SO ACCOMPLISHED! Don't get me wrong, I actually don't mind doing laundry at all, but it was just so HUGE this time, and I was scared of it. Haha.

We have 2 tickets left for the Real Salt Lake soccer game on Saturday night at 7:00pm. If any of you are interested let me know! I'm totally serious, who wants to come?!
((just comment, or e-mail me at

- Andrew works SOO hard at school and work, I'm so proud of him!

- I want to go to a haunted house, or two.. or 5. Soon. Rumor has it, Utah is home to many-a premium horror filled places. And actually, I HATE getting scared, but for WHATEVER reason, I'm drawn to them. What a curse I have..

- Curiously enough (don't know where this one came from).. but I actually really want to go to Denny's around midnight and get some grub and hot chocolate. Mmmm, sounds so divine right now!

- I seriously might look up taking some sewing classes, thanks for the idea Shelly.

- Birdie's costume came! Ah! I can't wait to show her off to everyone in it. It is sooo funny, she's funny as is, but it quadruples her funny and awesomeness factor!

- Like I've said before, I'm actually EXCITED for the winter to come! So bizarre if you KNOW me, but it's true. I think it'll be great this year. Just promise me Winter, that you WONT drag out again for 7 months! I like you, just not around THAT long!

- As you're well aware, I am totally into finding adorable things I would LOVE to have, although, don't plan on purchasing. Not now at least. It's great, I feel like in a weird way, I HAVE purchased them, and I didn't have to spend a dime, and I had all the fun of browsing. Does that make any sense? Weird.

Alright my friends... till later, hasta!

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Ashley Lisonbee said...

Arica I love you so much. I love your random thoughts. I do that a lot in my head throughout the day. You are a beautiful soul. I am sorry we can't make it on Sat. I think Matthew wants to go to the temple that night. Any ways hope all is well. . . .luvs.