Friday, October 17, 2008


I think the whole 'being nice' is really paying off, and I mean it in the most literal sense. I believe in Karma. Actually, I believe more so in Blessings & Consequences, which essentially is the same thing. I will give some examples of lovely things that have happened to me, that are so small and simple, yet I believe are a result of doing good to others. Why? Well, just because my heart tells me so.

..Remember when I posted AGES ago about the 'magazine rack' I rigged up?? That STEAL of a price I got? Well, when Kels & I were at Gardner Village.. we were in the home decor store (which is TO DIE FOR).. I saw my rack! It was black rather than white, and you want to know something?? It was going for $119! YES $119! I could not Believe it! I felt this overwhelming joy and power rush over me. The fact that not ONLY do I know I saved $70 at Roberts, but $110 from this store! And that just blows my mind. :) Coincidence? Perhaps. But I think there's a bigger picture.

Secondly, the other day I was going to the grocery store, and on the way.. the nearby car wash was TOTALLY giving away free washes! So naturally, I pull in and ask what the deal is, and the girl tells me "we're just giving freebie's away once a month, you drove by on a good day. :)" SWEET! I felt totally proud. Mostly because I had been debating for over 2 weeks whether to go get one, or to do it myself (and it's fairly cold outside now). Wah-lah! Concern solved!

Now, this could just be luck, but I feel like my conscious effort to help & be genuinely kind to everyone has something to do with it. Not only am I happier, but the others I associate with are too, as well the complete strangers I have encounters with. I believe God recognizes when we are trying, and these are his little ways of saying.. "Good job, I love you.. and thanks for being nice to your brothers & sisters."

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Erin and Aaron said...

I'm totally a believer. TOTALLY. I watch it happen at work EVERYDAY with greedy massage therapists (this is not a generalization. i'm talking about the THATS MY MASSAGE!! people) ! It's so true. You give a little, you get a little.