Sunday, October 12, 2008


If I didn't have a very artistic husband.. I would probably purchase these to adorn the walls of our future home..

They are absolutely adorable. For these and MANY more, visit DaliDecals etsy shop.
Now I have some great ideas to put Andrew to work on whenever it is that we DO have a home.
-- He favors the 'birds on a wire' and wants to do that first.
So awesome. :)


The Nielsens said...

I love these! we have one of a tree in the corner where our trash can is. makes me want to recycle. haha

Ashley Smith said...

i love the white ones on colored walls...we've been seeing them for a while in the "stampin' up" catalogs at deanna's. they have sweet ones too! i want them!

Hoy Family said...

Those are awesome! Wish I had a bigger house to use all of them... especially the first one!

Monroes said...

you silly...the machine that cuts these vinyl things is the item i wanted for my last birthday. I am going to get it someday soon! I have loved the vinyl thing for a long time..we have a new one on the wall that is awesome..its the definition of family. We put in on the stairway.

Heather said...

These are super cool! I love them all!