Monday, October 13, 2008


Life's NEW experiences
-Referring to the differences to now having chocolate brown hair.

#1. Visiblity
Pro. Being able to actually FIND the mystery hair that is caught ticking my arm!
Con. Unfortunately being very aware of hair in the sink/on the floor/etc.

#2. Confusion
Pro. Being told.. 'I was wondering WHO that cute girl was!!?'
Con. Being told.. 'I was a little concerned -seeing Andrew sitting there with some brunette! How dare he!'

#3. Age
Pro. Appearing older/more mature & sophisticated.
Con. Appearing older.

#4. Blond-be-gone
Pro. No longer having to be told 'blond' jokes directly.
Con. No longer being immediately identified as a true ocean-dweller.

...and so on.
This new hair is totally fun, exciting, and interesting. The general consensus seems to be that it 'suits [me] better.'
"YOU - BE - THE - JUDGE!" -J.K.X.

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