Monday, September 1, 2008

True story

So I was looking through my pictures, and found these hostage photographs.. and thought I should share the story with you.

It was almost 2 years ago when I was living in the Chatham Towne town homes with my lovely roommates Dani, Becca, & Ashley. We were neighbors to my dear friend Jeff Johnson. We would attend half hour dance parties, institute, ward functions, and play silly games in our apartments. Well, on many occasions Jeff Johnson and roommate Chris Florence (or as I liked to call him, C-Flo) would come over late at night asking for our candy or to watch Robin Hood with us, and saw me wearing my lovely Bumble -The Abominable Snowman- slippers. They would tease.. poke fun.. and then play with them. All was well until one night..
I came home from who knows where, late at night, went upstairs for the typical switch to bedtime attire, and found a RANSOM note in place of my sweet sweet warming slippers. Those HOOLAGINS stole my Bumbles! The note asked for free smoothies and massages for the return of my slippers (at the time I was working at Jamba Juice). Although my precious comfies were under a hostile situation, I knew better than to cave. I'm sure your wondering.. when were these pictures taken!? ..well, just days later, an anonymous email showed up in my inbox with the photos and a "OR ELSE" in the subject box.

I had had enough. I stormed over to the back deck, let myself in.. and reclaimed my poor footsie holders. Luckily they were unharmed. Only to later be destroyed by Birdie.. oh well, such is life.

I miss you my Bumbles.. and that is their legacy.


Mike and Bianca said...

oh my gosh...that's so funny. i love those slippers though! too bad you don't have them anymore :(

Ashley Smith said...

i once had my bumbles held hostage as's torture! although for me it was probably deserved as we were in a stealing war with an apartment of boys.