Wednesday, September 10, 2008


I'm in San Diego!! My father flew me home as a present to my mother for their 25th wedding anniversary! Way to make it this far mom & dad.. you guys have been the best example we could ever ask for. And they only expect 25+ years more! Anyway, so I might be off the internet (well, not ON AS MUCH I should say). My sweet husband had to stay home for school & work, so it's just me. :( I miss you babe, see you Sunday!! Alrighty.. blog on..


Ashley Lisonbee said...

So I am jealous! You are so lucky to get a break and be in San Diego. I remember these pics of Drew, actually I remember when my Mom took them. . . they are sososo cute. I am just so excited for you guys and Andrews exciting opportunities. I am also excited for the day you get to fulfill your dream of being a mother. . .you will be an incredible mother. So yeah, call me when you get back and you can come over and we can "Can" like the dickins, and I can also give you a bunch of other garden stuff. Love to you and your sweet family!
Luvs, Ashley

Gma Cheryl said...

Hi Sweetie! I cyber-stalk your blog! I love getting updates on you and your fam! Love, Sis. States

Cameron and Lindsay Rondo said...

san diego... lucky duck.
tell your parents happy anniversary!

The Nielsens said...

come play with meeee!