Friday, September 19, 2008

National 'Talk Like A Pirate' Day

So I only see fit to leave you with a quality quote from famous fictional pirates, as well as wise lessons we can learn from the Pirates Of The Caribbean films (found and written by someone unknown). AArrggghhh!

Elizabeth: I'm here to find the man I love!
[She's dressed as a man.]
Jack Sparrow: I'm deeply flattered, lad, but my first and only love is the sea.

Lessons Learned
what can we learn from these films?]

* He who sleeps with pigs will rise with odor.
* Don't take other people's treasure, even if they're dead.
* Pirates are not all bad.
* Rum is very handy for starting large fires.
* Increasing one's vocabulary is a good thing.
* When bargaining, be sure the terms are very clear.
* Monkeys can be cursed.
* Be very careful when telling people a fake name.
* The closet is probably not the best hiding place.
* Sometimes people deserved to be slapped.
* Not all treasure is silver and gold.
* A good decision can be a wrong decision if made for the wrong reasons.
* Dogs are useless for prison escapes.
* Know when to break the rules. Sometimes "codes" are merely guidelines!
* Some people are as vacant as a hotel run by Norman Bates.
* Try not to fall behind. People will leave you.
* On occasion, the booze must be sacrificed for the greater good.
* Avoid picking up hats that are floating in the ocean.
* Some people are entirely too caught up with their titles.
* Deals made in desperation can only end badly.
* To avoid misunderstandings, use first names when doling out assignments.
* A flogging from someone who loves you might spare you from a worse flogging from someone who doesn't.
* There comes a time when one must take responsibility for one's mistakes
* Sometimes it's not about winning or losing.
* Be very suspicious when someone suggests that you settle their debts.
* Why fight when you can negotiate?
* Sea monsters have a remarkably predictable attack plan.
* Sometimes the only way for a pirate to make a living is by betraying other pirates.
* No course is lost if but one fool is left to fight.

* Words whispered through prison bars lose their charm.

Aye matey! Have yerrself a good one!

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Ashley Smith said...

yeah!!! the straight dope shoogeee!!! you love it...i know