Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Ellen Show

Yes, Ellen Degeneres. She is a helarious woman. I was bummed to find out a day too late, that Stephenie Meyer was going to be on the Ellen show. Yep, it was yesterday. Poo. So naturally I went to Ellen's website to see if there were any clips and there were, so that was nice. It's astonishing that Stephenie has written 5 HUGE fiction novels in just 3 years.. 3! That is somethin else.

Anyway, while on the topic of Ellen.. I'd like to take a moment on my personal beliefs. And yes I'm going there, because I can. :) Currently my beautiful and diverse home state is undergoing some changes. It has now been legalized for gays to marry in the state of California (as I'm sure you're WELL aware). It's been a big deal down there, and the Latter Day Saints have been asked to play a huge part in getting marriage back to it's original state of 'man and woman'.

On a complete SIDE NOTE (toootally random story ahead).. here's a little story involving what the saints have been asked to do:
So, my brother in law Jeremy was making Prop 8 calls while I was down, to inform voters about the chance they have to vote yes, and solidify 'marriage is between a man and woman' once and for all. He was going through his list and made a phone call that went something like this with an old woman named Harriett (maybe? we'll stick with it)...
Harriett: HELLO??!
Jeremy: Hi Hariett, my name is Jeremy, how are you doing?
Harriett: OOOKAY.
Jeremy: That's great, well hey I'm one of your neighbors calling about Proposition 8 regarding gay marriage, have you heard a bit about this at all?
the end.
We later found out while looking at Jeremy's call sheet that she was 108 years old!! No joke! Jeremy was like "no wonder why she's not interested, she's been through the great depression, and world war 1.. she probably figures the world's screwed anyway!"

Ok, sorry, it was really funny.. maybe you had to be there. Moving right along. So while checking for Stephenie Meyer clips, I stumbled upon a clip of Ellen & Porcia's wedding (since they were able to marry and all). I can honestly tell you I think Ellen is a GREAT person. But that does not mean I agree with her lifestyle. I've never really been 'homophobic', in fact.. I've had a few friends who were gay, not to mention my aunt who I love DEARLY. But when I saw these photographs and footage of two beautiful women (Porcia in a delicate dress and Ellen in a PANT suit) it just wrenched at my gut. It was all wrong. They were trying to be romantic and all I could think of was how disturbing and weird it was. Maybe if you saw it, you would know what I mean. It just hurt my heart to see how they are going about it the wrong way.

Yes, I understand these are my personal opinions, and is possibly a sensitive topic for some of you.. however, I just wanted to take a moment to let everyone know that I absolutely stand behind my faith. As well as my Prophet when he asks us to help solidify what the definition of marriage has always been.


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Kyle and Rebecca Monson said...

Very proud of you Ms. Arica! What a great way to be proactive! Bravo for the Monroe family!

The Nielsens said...

i went to a taping of ellen. she makes me laugh a bunch. I'm sad I missed Stephenie Meyer. I just finished the last book. now what will i read? any suggestions??