Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Yes, this is one of my problems and it unfortunately has grown worse over the last couple of months. No thanks to our horrifying guests that I have been finding EVERYWHERE. I don't mean one or two.. I have found more than 8 of these disgusting creatures invading my home!! I've looked them up because they are all identical, and have found out they're locals. The little nasties are called the 'hobo' spider. I found plenty of images to share with you, but found it a bad idea because even when I see the image I get freaked out. I decided I didn't want to view my blog and feel the need to run away from the computer, so you can look them up if you'd like. Anyway they have been haunting me non-stop! Because of them, my brain has been sending my legs and arms false nerve signals, which have then been sending back false signals to my brain saying.. crawling creature is on your limb. Gosh dangit. I HATE hate hate SPIDERS. Andrew has learned that not only is he the bug killer, but he is essential to my safety ..and when he destroys what he was sent to get rid of, he has learned that the dead thing comes NO WHERE NEAR ME. When I find one and he isn't home, all heck breaks loose and I have to find some sort of 6 foot contraption to end it's life and then find some other way to get it to the toilet. This may sound harsh, but I know some of you can understand my fear. It's been chronic for me. Ever since I was a child I have never been able to even look into pages of insect books with beautiful photographs (well, what the photographers consider beautiful) of exotic breeds. I don't do well with insects period, but these are definitely my weakness. I am now officially paranoid. I can't even keep my feet on the floor when not wearing shoes. I will happily accept the winter if it means these terrible things disappear. This post was brought on by one found this morning while I was watching Oprah. Goodness, LEAVE ME ALONE you little terrors!
I hope this has not invoked a fear in any of you, I just needed to let it out!


Sean & Abby said...

ewww I just googled that spider. gross. I think spiders are one of my biggest fears too.

The Nielsens said...

I'm right there with you. I cant handle them and i dont even love them.

Ashley said...

Me too! BLEAH, I hate spiders with such a passion and they are totally my biggest fear!