Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Week 3.. The Summation

Yes, we were there in lovely San Diego an additional week. However, we just spent the third relaxin' at my family's house while Andrew finished his animation for his portfolio. (you can view that from the link below) ..((YES it was time to RE-apply! YIKES!)) Although, don't sweat, he was able to take the pre-rec's as well as meet and really get to know the professors and program this spring/summer so we're pretty sure he's a shoe in (we should find out the results in a week or so). About 97.9% positive. So anyway, while we were home, I was able to visit with lovely friends (Kasey, Danny, Mel.. etc), babysit Boston (the cutest baby boy I know), watch husbands skateboard, and spend my last few days with my beloved fam. How perfect. Oh and PS.. we discovered (we being my family..) the greatest show ever! It's called Wipeout, and it's on at 7pm Tuesday, on ABC (well that's the time for here in Utah). We almost pee our pants of laughter, watch it ..I promise you'll LOVE it! So anyway, here are some of the works that came to pass from Andrew on our trip. The kid is so dang talented! I'm so lucky to have snatched him up! :)
-his animation

..these next ones are photographed copies, so they are not nearly as neat and goodlooking as the actual copies themselves.

..and mind you these are all very quick sketches.. sometime i will have to show you some of his lengthy-extreme quality-work. ..however, i LOVE these because they're images of my favorite summer getaway. :)

Hope you found them quite enjoyable.

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shelly said...

My gosh. These are wonderful! He's GOOD.