Monday, August 4, 2008

Week 2.. Rancho Del Sol

the young fam.

baby isabeau.. i just call her beau.

llama brothers.

she's so precious.

he loves sand castles. ..always creating some kind of artwork. never go hungry with this bunch.

the in-laws.

Rancho Del Sol is my in-law's ranch in Valley Center. Such a gorgeous and LARGE property. Anyway, but before I get into that.. we rushed home from Mexico for KASEY! Woohooo! And he was just the same, except better! ..if that's even possible. Anyway, he is my brother and it was so good and so fun to hang out with him while we were down there.. ok, well I'll get into that when I post on week 3. Ok, so all 4 'Young' siblings and parents were reunited for a week filled of theme parks, swimming and laughter. They're a bunch of goobers (myself included) and we had a blast! I got to know them all so well. We went to Universal Studios, spent the next day in Hollywood (saw Journey to the Center of the Earth, and it was terrible.. although the new 3D stuff was entertaining), and spent the rest of the week swimming at pools, at the beach, at Sea Port Village and eating PLENTY of ritzy luscious food. It's such a fun experience to be around Andrew with his whole family. If you ever have the opportunity, I would take it.. it's quite entertaining.
Till next time..

"nothing beats a first kiss"
-name that movie.


The Smiths said...

50 first dates

Erin and Aaron said...

dang it! i looked at your comments at it said 0 and i was like YES I'M THE FIRST ONE TO GET THE MOVIE QUOTE. I've been lied to by blog!!! Ashley beat me to it...dang...

ps. your vacation play time looks SO fun! that llama picture had me laughing so hard!

Megan said...

So, Andrew looks EXACTLY like Emperor's New Groove! So impressed. Llama face! Oh, and good job on the vacation. I envy.