Monday, July 8, 2013


When you're a family of girls, who get married, it gets confusing when you try to explain families by their names. You're probably already confused. What I mean is.. We are no longer "Monroe's", we are Monroe, Smith, Young, and Johnson. Sturdy names, but not all the same. So to keep others informed and avoid complex description... I will simply say this. We took Monroe family pictures. And they turned out lovely. Kudos goes to Greg Nielsen and his little daughter Emmy for keeping the kiddos happy and entertained all while taking some smashing pics. And sorry Greg for forcing you to make fart noises to get Taj's attention. It works every time. Here ya go!

Can't wait for Abby's little girl to join these buddies. Between her athletic parents, and all these boy cousins, I could be wrong, but something tells me she might be a touch tom-boy. ;)


Tisha Nelson said...

Omg beautiful photos!! Love the colors!

Jay and Rachel said...

Beautiful photos! Old Poway Park?;). And you must get this all the time- you are tinsie!