Tuesday, January 8, 2013


Well here we are... playing the waiting game. I continue to tell people that I never used to understand the women who get to their last couple of weeks and start consta-complaining. I always figured, heck ladies... you'll never be alone again without that child to think about for THE REST OF YOUR LIFE. ENJOY YOUR LAST MOMENTS! But I can honestly say now. I GET IT. I'm so sorry for ever thinking you were being a bit silly. You so were not. You were simply carrying something that magically started to get astronomically uncomfortable. AND you are just so unbelievably anxious to meet the little thing! I mean, what the heck does the baby even look like anyway!? You want to meet what's been taking refuge on the inside for the last GAJILLION months.. and it makes the last couple of weeks seem practically UNBEARABLE! So forgive me. I'm there with you. But I'm also trying to stand by my own less-understanding-self's advice. I gotta enjoy these moments... because soon enough I will be a mother for the rest of my life. And I'm perfectly okay with that. (:

Andrew wanted to get some final shots of my massive self, you know, just in case I'm one of the lucky ones who gets to meet their tiny one just a touch early. (;

Can't wait to meet you bud. Just do me a solid, and stop flipping around so we can do this the easy way. (:
See you soon!



Megan Marie said...

beautiful!!! andrew did a great job!

is he breech?? i just had an appt. yesterday, and she's breech. so it might be a c-section for me... plus i swear she broke one of my ribs today. im wheezing when i breath it hurts. haha

brittney said...

you are so beautiful... and and where is your belly button?

Arica said...

megan: he keeps going back and forth daily! i went in to have a version after finding out he was breech, only to find that he was head down again. now i can feel when he turns every day! i just pray he's down when labor begins.

brittney: i don't have one anymore! it's like i'm an alien or something, haha. the 2 inches surrounding the center USED to be one. (;

Tisha Nelson said...

Amazing photos! :)

Kelsey M. said...

love all these pictures, and i am so excited for you! you are going to be the best mom. have so much fun and good luck!! hang in there. :)

Lindsay Rondo said...

Arica! You look so beautiful and I'm so happy for you! And is that the name on your necklace??? If it is I LOVE it! So excited for you mama!