Friday, November 18, 2011

mermaid libations.

You know life is honestly too awesome when you don't even blog about it anymore. Yes, I'm saying it's that cool. Awesome husband, awesome surfing, awesome friends, awesome cities, & awesome vibes all around. We even get 'season-ish' weather here. 50's give or take, and half of the leaves change. Occasional rain, but nothing too hearty. It's great, really. I mean, you all know I'm a summer year round kind of gal myself, but this isn't too shabby.

Which leads me to the following question.

Slurpee & sun, or cocoa & rain?

I'm the first type no doubt. And really wish it was slurpee weather. That said, I would like to thank 7-11 for meeting both of my libation needs POST surf, year round. Hot or cold. A mermaid needs a good bevi, and you definitely deliver. It also helps that you're generally located on every other block in hippie coastal towns. So thank you.

High five.


McKenzie King said...

slurpee and sun. yes please.

Val Murphy said...

Enjoyed this...pina colada slurpee? yes please! Glad you are back in your domain mermaid.

Emily M. said...

i need to take a trip down and enjoy a nice warm vacation come january. for now, the snow is magical- but that only lasts so long. also, did you call yourself a mermaid? just checking..... ;)

ps. i miss you at the bc. really, i do! miles has shown several of your projects to us in modern and you are t.alent.ed! nice work!