Thursday, October 13, 2011

sweet water.

Last weekend we went beach camping at Half Moon Bay. Needless to say, it was a stellar time. It all started with the tiniest dirt road onto the 'Sweet Water' camp site, which dumped you out onto the water's edge surrounded by the most inspiring trees you can imagine. The dogs came, and were the entertainment. Everyone ate Hippo up, and snuggled with Bird. The guys thought that using Hippo to 'tow-in' on the sidewalk with a longboard was the best idea ever. Hippo also thought it was the best idea ever. He loves skateboards.

After camping, we followed it up by traveling south with our new friends the Allens (Mike, Amy, & Audrey). They are keepers, we can tell already. They've really been hooking us up on the cool front as of late, and there will be more adventures with them in the near future. It helps that their 6 month old girl is one of the most amazing babies I've ever met (Beckett, you have her trumped, don't you fret).

They took us on a mini-road trip south on the CA-1. To paint a simple picture for you, imagine a cliff side drive surrounded by gorgeous and aromatic farmlands, and an ocean view that stops the heart. Our first stop was the Pescadero Country Store to buy some local artichoke garlic bread. Locally grown garlic & artichokes= garlic bread with artichoke hearts IN IT... holy. cow. was that delicious. If you ever get the chance to taste it yourself, be sure to enjoy it outside on a bench, with a hippie banjo musician playing in a local park behind you. You'll definitely savor the moment that much more, haha. Anyway, as we continued our drive down the 1, Mike took us to a little secret spot. We climbed down a small trail on the coast that took us to an absolutely stunning cove. Said cove was adorned with a legitimate hollowed out tunnel from the ocean's tides, and massive free standing rocks (the size of small mountains). Breathtaking. Drive a little further south, and you'll find a whole lot of kite boarders enjoying the swell & wind. It was a crazy show to say the least. We then topped it all off by stopping off at a "jam tasting" farm & store. This business was run with an "honesty till" which I thought was the coolest thing for a California beach farm. I would have high fived the owners right there, but you know... they weren't around. Old school at it's finest. We enjoyed some savory soup and a game of 1960's pick up sticks and then made our way back home.

The day was one that if a film crew had followed us around, and added some low key awesome music to the shots... they could have turned around and sold it to some company for a million dollars to make a commercial. If you saw this commercial, I guarantee you would feel the need to switch to their bank, insurance, or open their travel points credit card in a heartbeat.

It was that epic.
And it was all done in sweat pants. Every one of us. Again, epic.
Chuck Norris even joined us on Andrew's shirt.

Oh man do I love where we live.


The Monsons said...

Sounds aweseome! So neat your new friends are the Allens, I played basketball with Mike in Lake Oswego, Oregon where we went to the singles ward long ago! Ha! Love the pictures!

Tisha said...

This is the type of camping that's awesome. Beach camping is the best :)

rebecca said...

beach camping sounds amazing! and kinda scary...

Nicole said...

camping srsly rocks.

and you look lovely doing it! ;)