Monday, August 15, 2011


That place was legit. We plan to go back. There was some porcelain pottery that was to.die.for. that I dream to be able to afford someday for the home. Andrew really wanted some nunchucks & a sword. ...maybe next time.

Also, Andrew has a really good new friend who is Chinese named Ichia. I think that alone makes throwing peace signs in Chinatown legal.

In other SF news, DreamWorks is pretty cool. When you first walk into their building here, you're surrounded by Madagascar native masks, and photos of all the actors in the booth doing their voice-overs. A cool vibe. Our favorite part about the job though (okay, ONE OF our favorite parts) is FREE FOOD FOREVER! Whaaa?? They cater breakfast, lunch, and the occasional burrito/dinner on your way out! EVERY DAY. A massive cafeteria full of fabulous foods... and I'm totally invited to join him whenever I want. Oh my goodness, Andrew is in food heaven. And my grocery bill has been incredible. High fives all around.

We have also learned since we've moved here, that since we are half an hour south of the city, our weather is COMPLETELY different than San Francisco. Even though we are so close to the coast, we are sheltered by some small mountains, that keep the marine layer out of our city. No joke a 10/15 degree difference from everywhere else. Every once in a while toward the evening, a beautiful fog cover rolls in over the top of the mountains, creating honestly one of the prettiest sights I've seen. A solid blanket resting just on top of the peaks. I'll snap a photo sometime. So yes, while you have to bundle up and layer here to visit downtown, we get to enjoy 75 degree weather all summer long... without a cloud in the sky. Best of both worlds. No doubt.

Three cheers for this place. Even though we don't know ANY ONE, we've found it to be quite enjoyable.

Oh yes, I also was so so blessed to find a job right when I arrived, designing the showroom for a furnishing company called Scandinavian Designs. I work full days, half of the week when the shipments arrive and go out. I start this week, and can't wait. (:

Until next time... I'll be eating some doughnuts, or something. Because they seem to be on my mind constantly as of late.



Francesca said...

Super exciting!

sarah savage said...

that sounds truly wonderful! glad you two are enjoying yourselves and that you got what sounds like a sweet job!

Ashley said...

Wow, you created those great collages using cell phone photos? You've got talents! :) Sounds so exciting!