Friday, June 3, 2011

got navajo?

I am in the process of working with my dear friend Lindsay on a redo of her and her man's living room. They already have a decent vibe going on reflecting a 'hunterly' style. Yeah, Jared is one of those types... and although such actions make me squirm, he's a totally rad guy, so I'll forgive him. (; Anyway, get to the point? Right. To marry Lindsay's love for the Native American style, and Jared's tree stumped, elk busted collection... I've collected some accessorizing options. And I'll let you have a looksie because I like you too.


Michelle said...

The lamp, the basket, the vases and stool are it...go navajo...with style!

Lindsay Teter said...

oooo i love love it all. you're wonderful gee! <3 loves!