Friday, April 8, 2011

early to bed.

Life has been pretty close to a literal roller coaster for us. So many things are happening, it's insane. So here are the crazy events. In order.

*GG is doing AMAZING. She is home recovering now, and her spinal doctor just gave her the news that she will only have to be in her upper body brace for a month longer, which is INCREDIBLE. A hundred thank yous for your concerns and prayers.

*My father's mother passed away a couple weeks ago. This, although sad news, is good news. Only because her health was so poor and it was high time for her to be with her hubby again who had passed over 20 years ago! So we are happy she's in a better place. Andrew and I were able to make it home for the funeral and got to visit with my extended family.

*Andrew and I are both graduating and are STILL figuring out where Andrew will work, where we'll live, and so on. With graduation just weeks away, my man has interviewed with Dreamworks, Disney, and Sony to name a few. He also has plans to possibly start up his own projects... so time will tell what will actually happen. And that time is fast approaching.

*While we were in California, visiting LA for some of the previously mentioned interviews.. Bird and Hippo were staying with my parents. And you know that saying.. it says something about how life gets going too good, so something's gotta give? Well, Bird ended up seriously injuring her back (not sure how, jumping off a couch can do the trick in a dachshund). She was found unable to use her back legs, or control her bladder/bowels. This temporary paralysis shook my universe. She's my baby. Adding salt to the wound.. I had been planning to go surfing that morning. My one and only chance to paddle out. Classic. We ended up having to spend the last day and a half of our trip at a Vet down there. Only to leave HOPING that she might regain control of her pottying so that BEST case scenario she would end up in a cart... wheeling around. Turns out, she's beating her odds like crazy. After steroid injections, oral pills to take at home, and LOTS of DOLLARS later.. she showed signs the very next day of being able to stand on her hind legs. HUGE. The vet was astonished. She is now walking (although wobbly) and can pee on her own! I don't have to squeeze her bladder. (We're still working on poo). TMI? She is truly a miracle. God must know. Wrong. GOD DOES KNOW how much I love her, and need her... and I thank him every day for letting me keep her, and for healing her little body.

You guys, all of your prayers have been so thoughtful and helpful.. thank you. I have grown a lot over the last month through all of these experiences, but that said, I am definitely looking forward to new chapters and having our life chill out a touch. And for Hippo to chill out a touch as well. Haha. (He's hilarious, we love him).

I woke up at 3am, and haven't been able to fall back asleep. So I consider this my 'midnight snack.' Hopefully it'll cause a cyber-coma. Back to bed I go.


Ashley said...

glad to hear about the update on bird...i was going to text you today and see how she was. yes, crazy crazy life. and really, it is all so good even when it's hard. we miss you!

The Taylors said...

So glad your Grandma is doing better, but SO sad to hear about Birdie!! I can't imagine what I would do if it was our Bird. I'm happy she is doing better, we will keep you guys in our prayers!

Tisha said...

So happy to hear about Bird! I was really hoping she would heal quickly. Also so happy to hear about your grandma :)

Francesca said...

Wow, that's a lot at one time! Glad things are looking bright again!

jenna marie said...

such good news about your GG, and I love how much you love your animals. I consider my sweet feline friend a blessing, and it sounds like your pups are your furry blessings too.