Wednesday, March 23, 2011

drum pendants.

I love pendant lighting! Talk about something that adds SO MUCH to a room. Not only does it play a part artistically, but this can affect the space dramatically through the ambiance created by the light itself. A lot of times if a space looks dingy, the best cure is through fixing the lighting. Most people do not realize that if they can't put their finger on WHY their space just doesn't look right, it's usually the lighting! So switch it out people, add more in, and jooshe it up while you're at it! And one thing to remember, large pendants are not JUST FOR DINING ROOMS. Use them over a master bed, over a bath, in a tall hallway, in an entryway... you name it. (:

A lot of my favorites are drum shaded, and so here is a little collection to tickle your fancy.


*all pendants found here.


Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Love me a great drum too! rum pa pum pum. couldn't resist!

Nicole Christensen said...

ill take ALL of those, thanks.

Andrew said...

oh man... I just went to your blog babe. It's AWESOME!!!! it looks so pro and is so beautiful... Just like you. Geeze, I gotta come here more often. Love your, need to be more thoughtful, husband.

Kelsey M. said...

such a fan.