Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bakers Twine.

I've got it wrapped around my right thumb.. To remind me not to text while driving. AAAH! I've been drive-text sober for 4 days now. It sucks. I'm having withdrawals. But I'm doing it. Andrew thinks I have a death wish, so I'm doing it for him. Ironically enough this photo is from the drivers seat, but I was parked, so there.

You should do it too, so I don't feel like the only bored commuter.
And yes, I'm aware that my thumb looks like it was smashed, or chopped off at the top. Gotta love my nubbs! No seriously, I love them... thanks, dad!

PS. The polish is Prince Charming, by Orly.


Lindsay Hill said...

i need this baker's twine for my own bad habits!!! good post arica xoxo

Ashley said...

i was gonna say...nice polish. dig the grayness. good on ya for not texting and driving. i do tend to on occassion, but try to only do it at stoplights. i should quit cold turkey for beckett's sake...and everyone else on the road i suppose.

Michelle said...

You can call me via speaker phone all you want on your Salt Lake Commutes...don't text me!

Abby Monroe said...

I'm in the same boat as Smash. But I need some twine :) Going cold turkey my friends!

Kelsey and Riley said...

i love this! did you by chance watch extreme makeover on sunday? ha i need to make my husb do it cause he is the worst and i haaate it. i'll admidt i do it at stop lights and things but you've inspired me...cold turkey. maybe if i do that husb will stop?
p.s. the twine is way cuter than those thumb rings they had on the show lol.

Chelsie + Shawn said...

Such a good idea! And I think your nubbs are cute (: