Saturday, September 11, 2010

Round 2.

I love the color palette and playful shapes in this back splash.
I love back splashes and painted ceramic tiles. Big fan.

Clever shelving.

I love organized exposure, so long as your kitchenware is attractive!

School starts Monday.
Fabric swatches, mounting tape, drafting, perspective drawings.. you name it, I'm going to be ENGULFED again. And I'm excited! The design world is pretty addicting and so I can't wait to create again. I promise this time around I'm going to do better at sharing my projects and what not.


{images via Decor8}


Kelsey and Riley said...

yay!! i'm quite excited to immerse myself in design again too. see you in a couple days!

flexMD said...

i LOVVEEEE stainless steel counter tops!! too bad they are $$$$$$

Do you know of a cheap place here in UT? OR aluminum??