Saturday, September 18, 2010

Charley Harper.

So, I totally have a copy of the above print on my wall in our office (I'm looking at it right now). And I stumbled upon it in the weirdest way..

Once upon a time, I was sitting with my mother at 2 in the morning in the Pomerado hospital, waiting for my best friend/sister to get admitted and whatnot to have her cute baby. Seriously, we were waiting for at least 2 hours to find out if they were even going to let her stay.. and so in the meantime we sat waiting in the silliest little family waiting room, with the lights off.. it was the middle of the night, and we wanted it that way! Mother and I tried to rest, but couldn't possibly do it with all the excitement and anticipation. So naturally, I grab the most relatable read in the room which was a "Bird Watcher's Digest Magazine." Haha.. awesome. It was that or parenting magazines galore. Anyway, being the animal enthusiast that I am, I was just looking threw it and I found the above image in a centerfold type situation in the magazine. Don't tell, but I tore it out because I thought it was beautiful, and it was doing the print a disjustice sitting in the lobby of a maternity ward. Bam. I now have it framed, and appreciate it more than any "aunts to be" at that hospital probably would. Well, I eventually found out who the artist is, and I just love him! Charley Harper sticks mostly to birds, but does a lot of nature scenes as well, and I think they're just fabulous! Oh, also dear mommy's, he has an ABC's book for the kiddos. Shoot, I would buy it for myself. Anyway, I think the talented man passed a couple years back, and so I will be sure to celebrate his life by using more of his prints with my future work. And of course I plan to own more myself when the home I live in needs more radical artwork. (:

These are some of my fav's..

This last one is my fav, but you're not surprised are you?

Pelicans on pier posts = endless summer continued! YESS!

PS. It's still hot outside and I'm IN HEAVEN! A big fat thank you for sticking around this long dear warmness. Please feel free to stay as long as you'd like!

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hi, i'm brooke! said...

i've been using his 2010 calendar this year. LOVE it!! can't wait for next years!