Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Paddling Out.

{Myself & Ari Bird: Scorpion Bay '06}

I miss it terribly today.
I guess the remedy for this will have to be sporting my Mitch's surf shop shirt (thanks Lauren!) and maybe watch some Fuel later today, perhaps an episode of On Surfari or two.. ahh, feeling better already. Someday I'll be able to remedy the lack of surfing -by actually surfing- on a regular basis. And THAT brings a huge smile to my face, and happiness to my heart.

Andrew and I had to make a pretty hard life decision this last week, and the result of which will most likely put me in close proximity to mother ocean once again. It's really hard to pass up an incredible opportunity for your family, but when endless amounts of praying leaves you feeling like you need to have faith that God will provide another way... then it's time to show that faith.

The pros and cons were so neck and neck with this decision that it makes my head hurt each time I think about what we're passing up.. but looking to the sunny side of things reminds me that one of the 'pros' will be that I will be able to paddle out, and fill that cup.

Thank you for that.
Being adults can be hard, but I'm showing my faith.

PS. Pops, aka: my favorite surf buddy, thanks for the pic-messages of post surfingness.
They make me feel a smidge bit like I'm there with ya.

Nose drip, salty wet hair and all...

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