Friday, August 6, 2010


Growing up, my parents have always had a 4 poster bed. I loved it as a child because it was awesome to play on. It was really sturdy and fun to swing on, but as way of aesthetics go, it has never been my cup of tea. Since then, I have always assumed I don't like 4 posters in general. But I've come to learn that I DOOOO.

When Andrew and I become real adults within the next year, and move to a place where he will work a full time job, and we live in a fairly permanent residence, I plan to buy us a BED. Right now we have the most ghetto second hand metal frame & headboard, and our box spring makes us feel like we're sinking in the middle (isn't that what a box spring is supposed to prevent?). So I'm thinking it'll be high time when Andrew graduates and we pack up and leave (if not.. sooner.. muahaha) to invest in a REAL piece of furniture.

As far as budget is concerned, I'm thinking we'll still have to be modest on what we select, and what is more modest in the cost factor than Ikea, right? Anyway, I just received the catalog, and somewhat have fallen in love with their Edland 4 poster bed. See for yourself...

I love the thin lines, and the white-acrylic finish. Not to mention, it costs like a dollar! Well, you know what I mean. Anyway, I'm seriously considering it, although my mind will probably change a year from now..

What do you think? Are you a fan of 4 poster beds, or what? A part of me thinks drapery would be so fun to change up with this thing... but I have yet to know if Andrew would even go for such a bed. It might not be manly enough for him, although he has always loved my design/decor preferences (minus our second hand rocking love-seat.. which I LOVE!).. so who knows.

We shall see.


Chelsie + Shawn said...

Hey Arica! Your blog is so cute, I love it. We will for sure be in Utah for another year while Shawn finishes his undergrad and it would be wonderful to hang out with you two. Also, I'm seeing something about La Push on your twitter... please tell me you went there! If so I'm so jealous. Anyway, travel safely back to good ol' Utah (:
P.S. The bed is awesome and I loved your last post!

Kelsey and Riley said...

oh my gosh. k i totally have the same story. i used to think the look of 4 posters was cheesy...but within the past year or so i have fallen in love. i can't WAIT to be able to own a bed! haha we just have the mattress & box spring. its awesome.
these ones from ikea are great!

Heather Lee said...

I have never put serious thought into owning a 4 poster, which is odd bc I envied my sister's canopy bed my entire childhood...but I always thought 4 posters made a room look smaller, which it does...but if you have a BIG room then it's a good option to cozy it up. I also really like this 4 poster/canopy bed

of course it's from Anthropolgie, and I'll never own it.

Kristy Rohrer said...

I felt like I wrote part of your blog. I feel the same way about having a real bed! Only we don't even have a ghetto metal frame. I can't wait to have a beautiful bed frame when Dal finishes school. Just a little longer!

I've never been a huge fan of the poster beds either but, you're right they're pretty snazzy.