Sunday, May 2, 2010


So last night my friend Lauren and I threw a joint surprise birthday party for our husbands in the basement of their house. It was a hootin time full of the boys' friends. Since Andrew spends most of his days with all the fellow animators, I got a hold of them, and FAHLAH! All you out of staters, wish you could have come, we had a blast!

Party was complete with legit invitations, Costco food awesomeness, Guatemalan reggaeton, crazy fiesta Christmas lights, Billabong surf flick, dart board, and more!

Above: Andrew's star shot, Cal's cute baby picture, & a Dwight K. Schrute B-day sign.
Below: Boyfriend looked cute.

Above: Cal the other birthday boy and Lauren friend!
Below: Andrew with his favorite celebrity. Check him out here, you'll die.

Above: Party crowd.
Below: Birthday boys get sung to and whatnot.

Above: Typical moves, Andrew goes in during photo time, and I stick to the task, haha.
Love it.
Rockin party.

Thanks to everyone for coming, Andrew was DEFINITELY surprised!
Now I can stop lying to my boyfriend. (:

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Erin said...

happy birthday andrew! your such a good wife, planning a surprise party!

lookin good lady!