Thursday, May 6, 2010

Make a Wish..

Leave it to Anthropologie to deliver the best packaged birthday month discount around. Every year they top themselves, and make you feel special. This year was no different. It was simply precious. Candle adorned necklace and all.. (:

So with the discount, I bought this LUSCIOUS and yummy robe. ..Seeing as I'm seen in public with my robe on a daily basis, I figured a fashionable one would definitely be a good investment. And I LOVE it. I can't wait to be 'sleepless in Seattle' with it on (My favorite duo- Tom & Meg). You know.. watching the marine layer roll in and rain, sipping my herbal tea. (:

((Can you imagine the goodness!? It's even cuter and comfier in person..))
Anyway, come do a drive by when Turd is going potty, and you'll certainly see the glory that is my new robe.

Thank you Anthropologie! You always make me feel loved. (:


Francesca said...

Way cute!

Lacey said...

Love your new robe! I just got my Anthropologie discount today and I'm definitely planning to use it! :)