Friday, February 19, 2010

White Rooms

Sorry I don't post often anymore friends..
Life has really been busy for me, and I absolutely LOVE IT!
It's such a refreshing direction in life, and I'm glad I was inspired to do so. (:
So for the billionth time, forgive me for not being around more. If it makes you feel any better, I miss reading your blogs religiously..

Anyway, moving on..

So, you may have noticed by now.. I have a thing for white rooms. Plain, simple, white rooms. Full of nothing but white (okay, maybe some things BESIDES white, but the majority is definitely determinable.. you get the idea). Recently in a class I shared that it's actually my favorite color (did you know?) because it is. I think it makes for such a wonderful feeling.
These rooms and others like them make me feel joy, peace, happiness, comfortable, relaxed, cozy, sexy, elegant, sophisticated, romantic, wise.. and so much more!
Others in the class, however, felt quite differently. Like rooms such as these are ..boring, plain, uninteresting, with no personality.

Now I understand personal taste and color choice play a huge roll in this debate,
But I strongly disagree.

Agree to disagree I guess.

Which leads my curiosity in this direction, what do you think?
Inspiring, or dull?

Love ya, have a killer weekend. (:


e and d said...

you already know my opinion! :)

Francesca said...

I'm in the middle. I love white as well. It's very refreshing, beautiful, and elegant and reminds me of the temple. But I prefer it paired with another color, like in the second to last photo.

Joanna said...

I think almost any color can look beautiful if the right design is used. My problem however is, how long do these things stay white? In my home...not very long :) But, these rooms are beautiful to look at for sure!

Kelsey and Riley said...

found your blog on emily's. :) i looove the feeling of an all white room. its so fresh and relaxing. beautiful!

Adam and Tone said...

I like the darker rooms myslef, but not lots of color, so I totally see where you are coming from. You would love my cousins house. For 2 specific reasons. A- It's a country house in Norway. 2- She pained the ENTIRE inside white. Walls, floors, ceilings... ALL of it. :) And I have to admit, it looks AWESOME!!! I wish I had pictures to send you, but I don't...

Ashley said...

For me it depends on the room. I LOVE the picture of the living room with 'Dream' on the walls. Probably because of all the interesting textures that are used. I also love the idea of an all-white bedroom. But TOO much white in too many rooms of a house would definitely get dull!

sarah said...

hey arica. found your blog via emily's. haha, funny that you posted about this. yeah, i think the first room is dull. i like white a lot - i like the airy-ness and the beachy-ness (not a word, you say? psh...). but the first one just doesn't do it for me. like you said...agree to disagree.