Saturday, February 13, 2010

Love You More..

Saw New Moon for the 3rd time this weekend.

PS. Boyfriend and I aren't huge sub-holiday people. (That's what I consider most holidays besides Christmas, Birthdays, & 4th of July).. So Valentines day hasn't always been huge for us. Minus that one time he bought me a Gold right hand ring.. oh ps. he SO scored with that one. Anyway.. my point is, we've not done much and don't have much in store. Unless you count hanging out for 3 hours chatting online with Indians getting a virus removed from this little puppy (ps, boyfriend totally kicked butt getting rid of the thing free o' charge). Oh and when we went on a friggin sweet double date and the men went to a different movie than Lauren & I (which they hated, haha).. and oh yes, you might consider my friend giving me haircut lessons tomorrow on Andrew a fun V-day activity. Which I do ...Kels, you're a saint!
So anyway, this one'll be fun for us, and generally more eventful than usual. Thanks friends for making it fun! And thanks lover, for being my lover. (:

PS. I love my boyfriend more than Edward Cullen.
Happy Valentine's Day.

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