Friday, January 1, 2010

Time & Gifts

..and Happy New Year!
Isn't time interesting? In my opinion days go slow, weeks go fast, months go fast, years go slow, but a collection of years go way too fast. Why is this? Time doesn't change.. it's always following the EXACT same schedule, however it seems to be constantly exerting a different pace. What a mystery.. anyway....
Please forgive me for the lack of blogging. I can't say that my posts will become more frequent (school starts in a week), but they might be more informative.. seeing as I'll be able to give you more accurate information in the ways of home design. (: I can see this as becoming the homework hub, diary, and ventilation of an interior design student. Can I just tell you how nervous/excited I am!? BAH! I can't believe I'm going back to school.. and commuting to Salt Lake 4 times a week. Crazy. Hopefully I wont kick myself in the butt and think 'what did I get myself into?'. Anyway, I've digressed...
Hopefully your Christmas was wonderful. We were blessed to go to San Diego for a week to spend time with our families, and were able to briefly enjoy the warmer weather. We were blessed with many wonderful gifts.. many of which were very generous and actually made this semester of schooling possible, and others that were more on the simply thoughtful side. My mother made me a couple of gifts that were so thoughtful, I just couldn't believe it! These gifts she gave PROVED that blogs are a wonderful and useful thing. What am I blabbering about? Well, with mother's very crafty abilities.. she was able to recreate some items that I had mentioned liking previously HERE.. on this very blog!

Look for yourselves...
I had mentioned really liking THESE bathroom sign figures.. and bippity boppity BAM, I got them!

I also mentioned really liking THIS interchangeable calendar, and booboobaDOO.. PRESENT for Arica!

Mom, I love you.. thank you for your thoughfulness, and giving me an excuse to continue blogging about random items that I think are charming. (:

We everyone, enjoy your New Years Day!
Cheers. (:


Michelle said...

Awww... it looks so great on your fridge! Miss you and love you tons : )

Chris said...

Really cute! Good job Gma Shell! I love B & K decorating your fridge too! :)

Melissa said...

I love the calendar! Did your mom make it or buy it? I'd love to buy it or make it...let me know! And congrats on going back to school, can I just live my life through you!