Sunday, November 15, 2009


{photo via Flickr}

Well folks.. we made it. We cheated once or twice for school/work and a date for some gelato that was 'going out of business' the next day.. but other than that.. we definitely lived off of food storage. Andrew was joking around and said we probably got a C (I thought more along the lines of a B) but with a standard "BYU curve" in place, that would have bumped us to at least a B+ or A- hahaha. But yes, it was nice to filter through our food I guess, but man oh man am I excited to buy goods and fresh produce... IN SOME SERIOUS BULK. Yes, I think we learned a thing or two.. like what should we really stock up on, and what will we miss when it's gone, and how the poo would we eat if the electricity was out? (yeah.. we're going to have to get some propane burners or something)... so thank you Bishop for the challenge, even if you WERE/ARE on a 2 week cruise in the Bahamas!! (TRUE STORY).. that sly man. So there you have it. So as a word to the wise... basically it's always a good idea to stock up when places like Bath and Body Works do the crazy soap sales (by 10 for a nickle).. and stuff like that. Haha.. because you never know when you might run out and when disaster might STRIKE!

I can't wait to greet you tomorrow. I'm going to dress up because it's been so long since we've seen each other.. (:


Merkley Jiating said...

"That sly man." I was laughing.

Francesca said...

I miss Smith's awesome case sales and regular sales! They just don't have that here.

Lacey said...

hehe thats so ironic that he's on a cruise! Good job for sticking to it though! I think we would starve on the second day if we tried to do that. lol.