Monday, September 21, 2009

PS. I Love You

You know the movie? The totally wonderfully romantic, and comedic in every way film? You know, with the dreamy Harry Connick Jr. cast as some random weirdo that makes you laugh amidst the seriousness of it all? That movie? Well, if you don't you HAVE to see it! I saw it while pregnant, so I thought that it wasn't really that intense or noteworthy (you know, with strange rushing hormones and all I figured the gushing emotions pouring out of me were fake), but I saw it again after, and felt just as struck by it! Good news, people, it's awesome! Anyway, for those of you who have seen it, how much did you LOVE the charming little New York apartment??! Did that stick out to any of you? It did to me. I loved how cozy and lived in it was. Adorably accessorized, and realistically displayed. It seemed... real. Anyway, there's a really cool blog that offers really cool insights, some of which are called "double takes." Bandelle blog, as it's called, did a "double take" of the PS. I Love You apartment! YES! I'm awfully late figuring this out, but it is worth mentioning. Here's her collage, but for the full effect you can see the post HERE.

So much goodness and inspiration, I can hardly stand it! Anyway, go rent PS. I Love You and watch it tonight. Unless you're not into really well done, sappy, romantic comedies... but even then, I think you should give it a go. (:


Amy Marie said...

My two favorite hotties are in that movie: Gerard Butler and Jeffery Dean Morgan!!! I dream of ireland because of this movie! Plus the style IS fabulous!!!

Hope your doing well, and I did go get me some truvia, btw, thanks for the suggestion!!

Lacey said...

I was wondering if that movie was worth seeing! The husband probably wouldn't be down for it, so I'll have to invite some girls over to watch it! And the apt looks sooo cute! I have nowhere near the creativity to make an apt look anything like that!

Heather said...

I'm so ridiculous! The only thing that I remember about that movie was that I watched it when I was pregnant and was literally BALLING and crying through the first hour and made Matt turn it off! haha! Maybe I should re-watch it now that I'm not pregnant!

Brooke said...

Love that movie. Isn't it Gerard Butler, not Harry? Either are great to me! =)

Arica said...

amy- you're welcome! glad it's workin out!
lacey- yes do it, you won't regret it. the flick is WELL worth your time.
heather- yes, i hear you with the pregnancy intensity, but it should be a bit more doable now. (:
brooke- both are in the film. harry is the bar worker, and gerard is her husband.

Lindsay Chapman said...

AWWW Air me you and ciera cuddle up on my couch watching PS I Love You.. I still 'member it. I LOVE THAT MOVIE!! i have been telling buster how much i'm craving to watch it.