Saturday, August 22, 2009

Oh the possibilities!

So last night our sweet friends upstairs invited us to double date with them. We had an amazing time dining & watching the Thrillionaires (an improve comedy group). During our fun outing, the very talented & beautiful Mindy decided to throw an idea she's had at me. A huge idea. An idea that I think we're both taking quite seriously, and going to try to pursue.

The idea of starting our own furnishing & home decor store.

Shoot me in the foot, but my dream has approached me, and the wheels haven't stopped turning! Ah the possibilities are so exciting! We'll see where this takes us, but so far it's led us to sifting threw wholesale catalogs. ...this could be quite the endeavor, and I'm looking forward to it. (:

We shall see!

{inspiration via Sproost & Anthropologie}


felonymelanie said...

you would be amazing!!! How exciting! Can I just tell you I have been craving that iced rooibos carmel herb tea.... good thing we made it before it closed.

Rachel said...

why not right?

Francesca said...

That would be amazing! I don't doubt you would have the cutest stuff!