Monday, August 31, 2009


Andrew and I have set a new goal. Goodness knows if we can make it happen, but we'll try. Last night was a success, if you count tossing around in bed for 5 years because I wasn't even tired yet. Let me clue you in..
We want to be in bed by 8 (insane), and each have reading time (old school), and lights out by 9:30 (good luck crazies). Yes, exactness is not important, nor crucial to the plan, just to sort of gives us.. guidelines.
Are we MAD our of our MINDS with school starting.. TODAY!!?! Quite possibly, BUT this could in fact offer us a good structure and make it an easier semester (you know.. early to bed, early to rise, all that jazz?) So we shall see!
Like I said, we tried it last night.. and all was well.. except my body is NOT programed to go down at 9:30. So hello, 11:00. I know you, now it's time to fall asleep.
Better luck tonight! haha.

PS. Our mattress is going to be the death of me. Someday we'll afford to upgrade.. someday..

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Francesca said...

Good luck! I'm trying to make my bedtime 10:30 and so far my body is cooperating. Maybe I'll shoot for earlier while I'm still kidless.