Monday, July 20, 2009


..So at the beginning of summer I had said that I wanted to make some nifty kitchen towels for our little place. So once I got here, mother and I did just that (and when I say mother and I, I mean that I cut and measured and placed, and she did all the sewing.. those machines scare me).
Here's what I get to wipe up avocado & pasta messes with..

I love them! And I'm excited to have 5 sets (I'm gonna need 'em)!
Woo.. now if only I could get my husband to stop burning dinners, I think our kitchen would be perfect. (: Haha.. poor Mindy, you know all about his habits.


Mindy Gledhill said...

I LOVE those towels! I want some! And it cracks me up when Andrew burns stuff. Just don't burn down the house, Andrew.

Joanna said...

Your mom and you together make a great team. Those towels are darling!!!

Ashley said...

Those are adorable! You could sell them!!!

Brooke said...

Those are TOTALLY cute! I'm gonna go make me some! Mine are all so plain. I need some prettyness added. Thanks for the inspiration!

Francesca said...

So cute and creative and totally Arica!