Monday, July 6, 2009

So good..

Yes, no other words can describe our Independence Day weekend..
Except maybe SPECTACULAR!
Yep. We had our awesome new neighbors over and their 3 pugs. YES, 3! Ha, they're so awesome! (it was practically a free-reign animal shelter with the 5 pups running around eating hot dog droppings, and it was THE BEST) And yes, there was doggie ice cream. Oh man, it was a good time to say the least! And oh yes, Beckett was a stud as always.. we love him & his Independence Day spirit (he was pretty into the holiday, that little firecracker).
So there you have it. Nothing but net. Right? I can use basketball terminology to describe our KICK BUTT weekend?! Regardless, it was bliss.
Hope yours was fulfilling too.


Kristy Rohrer said...

I just saw that you and your sister blog. I haven't talked to you in forever!! How have you been?

The Clingo Family said...

Your little nephew is adorable Arica! :)

Tisha said...

Yay pugs! :)