Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Hi, My name's Arica..

..and dare I say it..

I'm a PC.

GASP! Don't hate me, creative humans of the world! I just don't see it practical for a non-computer-professional like myself to spend 600+ more dollars on something just to use it for internet & music & using 2 fingers to do random stuff. As nifty as it may be.. just not worth it to someone who'd rather spend the extra money eating LOTS of food everyday.
So on the subject of VERY affordable and adorable computers,
I want one of these 10" purse friends! SO BAD!
I tell Andrew boyfriend often.

[practically actual size.. I mean seriously.. they're tiny & awesome]

The end.

{via HP}


Alex Monroe said...

I agree with the cuteness of the this little designer compute, and once you go mac you never go back. However, I just might make an exception for this little guy someday.

Ashley said...

That's so funny. I'm a PC too. :) And that tiny computer is too cute!!!