Monday, June 8, 2009

My Moon, My Man

See the skatepark.
See Andrew at the skatepark.
See Andrew find a park table.
See Andrew analyze the table's rail.
See those in awe of Andrew committing and shredding the table's rail at the skatepark.

I enjoy watching this boy do his thing. Just as he humors me and sits on the beach while I walk on water. Although, I assure you.. watching him is MUCH more entertaining. He's been having fun because there are about 5 or so skateparks that are new to Andrew, that have been fun to roll around on and investigate the number of stairs, different lengths of rails, and different angled boxes to kickflip over. It's a real hoot, and if you're ever with us.. I'm sure he'll show you a good time. (:

You're good lover, real good.

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