Monday, June 29, 2009


Oh man, forgive me for my absence! So many wonderful things have been going on as of late!

Beckett is AWESOME, and SUCH a precious baby..
((first smile for GG, caught on camera))

My sister Alex had her 15th birthday and is now off to girl's camp..
Work starts on Wednesday, and I have been training on the weekends to learn the delicious menu!..
Multiple trips to the Del Mar fair, OH HOW I LOVE THE SWINGS! I'm a sucker for swings..
Premium surf sessions..
Transformers came out and it seems to be getting a bad wrap from everyone, but I LOVED IT.. LOVE LOVE LOVED IT!

..and so on, and so forth. Like I said, so many good things! But I should be here now to keep you posted. Ha, get it? Posted... this is a post. Awesome. Alright my friends, adios!

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