Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Circa Puerto Nuevo, Baja, Mexico. Ortega's Restaurant 5/2009.
Andrew has since had the bush of hair mostly removed from his head.

Warning: This post might happen to be a bit too personal for your taste.. so consider yourself liable for your feelings after having read said post.

Yes, Hiroshima. I'm pretty sure atomic BOMBS were going off in my insides last night. So much so that I felt like my stomach was a full balloon just about to BURST for all around to see. Oh man, was it not even pleasant. In fact, probably the furthest from it. And it's all the left over mashed potatoes and peas fault. Note to self: don't eat the leftovers if they did not get put into the fridge until 5+ hours after the meal. Also, not a good idea to finish a late episode of The Bachelorette with the late preserved potatoes.. two bowls full.
Anyway, moving on..
This hurt, it hurt so bad I felt like I was going to die. It was the northern equivalent of my WORST cramps ever, times 80. Actually more like, post miscarriage pain times two. (sorry, it's all I know, and it's true)
So if you know me personally (specification necessary, since blogs bring lots of unknowing visitors to the table, those of which probably feel like they know me pretty well.. which at this point you really do) you know I'm very easily made nauseous.. like the slightest anything, sick to my stomach. Oh you wanted to simply check directions on a piece of paper while driving? WRONG!
So to tie the points, this PEARL HARBOR like pain that was present last night.. made me so queezy. It didn't take much, and then I was forced to let it go (not with the natural ebb & flo if you know what I'm sayin..). I thought to myself right after "awesome, now I'll feel better!" PSYCH! The ever expanding feeling persisted, and so the pain grew worse. I couldn't handle it much longer (at this point it had been 2+ hours, starting at a lovely 2am) so off I went on a quest to find the quick SHUT THIS THING OFF! button. Yes, the pain pill stash that mother/father save for special occations. I had remembered that when dad encountered a sting ray for the first time ever last year, he had told me on multiple surf drives "Air, don't even worry, if we run into one of those, I've got us covered. --cue the bottle of Vicodin--"
PERFECT! So off I go, comfties and all to the front yard at about 4am with bossman's keys to save my vitality. Unlock, lift, grab.. and HALLELUJAH there they were. I was going through what felt like near death.. and that little white thing, saved my life. I got some water, went to bed.. and slept like I've never slept before. So much so that here I am.. awake only 3&1/2 hours later. 7:30am hasn't known me for YEARS.. and here I am, being the nicest version of myself in the morning that I can ever remember. My sweet husband was even impressed, and enjoyed hearing the story from his semi-loopy wife.

Cheers to Vicodin.
Thanks for saving me from the bonds of doom.


Ashley Lisonbee said...

I am sorry that must have been awful. YOu and Drew look great. We miss you. Have a good summer.

Jess said...

hahaha I hear I am extra nice on those things too!!! :)

Jenni said...

oooh that sucks! i'm glad you are feeling better! i caught my husband trying to throw away our little stash of probably expired pain pills.. he should know better...