Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Del Mar

Lots of really good things live in Del Mar. The San Diego Fair (which I STILL can't wait to go to!), HOT AIR BALLOON RIDES! (yes, getting to that in a second), my bff sister (yes, I just used that acronym)- her man- and their soon to be wee babe, lots of horses (they get pretty stinky), and so much more!
Anyway, I've always had quite the infatuation with those large parachutes & baskets that carry you into the sky. I even had a boyfriend that leaked to my family that he planned on proposing to me in one! Yikes! Luckily that never happened, although that would have been nice if Andrew had done it that way. Don't get me wrong.. I have no complaints, he surprised me and it was bliss. (: Sorry, side tracked...
Ever since Andrew and I have been down, Ash and Jer have lived in Del Mar, and it's made for a great excuse to head down south by the beach. (: Can't complain, I love that drive. But my only complaint is the yearning that makes my heart ache for those sweet balloons that embark just outside their window! Whenever I sit in their humble abode, or stand in their kitchen by their trashcan (you think it wouldn't be such a pleasant view with that little stinker at your feet, but it is).. I long for those things. Del Mar, someday I will take off into the air from your precious location.. and it will be glorious. Until then, I will just watch them soar into the gorgeous San Diego horizon.
How I love summer.

{photo via Flickr}


Erin Hoy said...

For my brithday a few years ago Ben took me on a Hot Air Balloon ride that took off from Del Mar - I hate heights but it was SOOO AMAZING! I totally loved it!

Amy Marie said...

if you want to take one in Temecula I can get you a discount! Hummmm.... I think the same company does it in Del Mar too... I'll get back to you on that one. Let me know if you what to go in Temecula though!