Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Bells & Whistles

Have I told you how much I love my bike?!
It's so perfect! Birdie even enjoys basket rides every now and again. (:

(ooh Sheba, someday maybe we'll get a basket big enough for you)

I can't wait to ride it to the grocery store & to work when we get back to the land of Utah. I would do that here, except it's perched on top of a very large hill, and the climb and descend wouldn't be pleasant for even the most experienced of people. So I'll save those errands for a flat land.


brookebaby said...

no way!!! i'm jeliz.

Ciera said...

I have the same bell on mine, CUTE! We should totally take a bike ride sometime, me and Dave ride our bikes everywhere, haha.

Tisha said...

That bike is pretty sweet! And your parents have a pug too? Pugs are awesome. (So are Doxies ;) )