Monday, June 1, 2009


Yes, if you remember.. I go a little crazy when there's progress with Twilight and the saga (proof here). Well, now that the trailer's come out, it's no different. I about died when I watched it.. and then watched it 5 more times to make sure I saw everything. I think this one is going to trump the last movie, and I think I just might switch sides to being a die hard 'Jacob' fan. (: ..who knows.. anything's possible. (;

Anyway, if you didn't catch it yourself.. here it is..

(just watched it again.. and got the chills. YES!!)
November, COME FAST!


Janell said...

So funny. Darin and I Tivo'd the MTV awards just to see the New Moon Trailer. When we saw it we had to rewind 3 or 4 times to watch the warewolf transformation over and over. I agree.. Jacob is SO likable!!!

Joanna said...

Won't let me open it :(

Joanna said...

Thanks! I just watched it twice and got chills both times :) Can't wait!