Wednesday, May 6, 2009

'Swine Weeks'

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NOTE: This is not your typical 'Swine Flu' post...

So, my little sisters (grades 9 & 12) were called out of school for 2 whole weeks. In fact, the WHOLE HIGH SCHOOL was called out for 2 weeks.
Last Friday, a boy at their school threw up on campus (excuse the raw terminology.. I don't know how else to put it), went to the doctor, got tested, & tested positive for the 'swine flu'. Mission Hills High School went up in a frenzy & announced that school would be out for the following 2 weeks. I imagine students were ecstatically jumping in the halls like "HECK YA!" Although, when they said canceled.. they meant CANCELED. No athletics, no AP EXAMS, ..NOTHING.
Now in my opinion (and many others).. this was going a bit overboard. I hate to break it to you folks, but more people die from the 'regular' flu each year & the only advice anyone has to give if you come in 'contact' with the virus, is to 'rest & wash your hands'. ..Awesome, thanks for the help & all the proactive advice..
Anyway, this all lasted 2 days for the poor kiddos. The school called everyone back last night and said something along the lines of, "Syke! We cleaned the school and have now realized how screwed we'll be if we don't finish the STAR testing this next week!" Haha. Gotta love the education system. Well, the teens are crushed, and currently in school.. but there are SOME who have lucked out. My sister Abby booked a cheap (and when I say cheap, I mean KILLER INEXPENSIVE) cruise with her friends next week to Canada. ..CANADA? Yes, the Mexican Riviera ships are currently unable/not allowed to travel south of the border, and therefore have left them no other direction to travel. So off to Canada the ships go, for around $300 & a week long trip. Way to milk the cercumstances Sis.. hope you have an awesome time next week while you technically 'ditch' school to "Swine and Dine on the"

High schoolers, I'm sorry your 'swine weeks' have come to a scretching hault..
Cruise lovers, now might be an ideal time for you to cruise to a new place..
And my friends, wash you hands and get some rest. (:


Lacey said...

Finally, someone realizes that this panic about the swine flu is ridiculous! It really does kill about as many people as the regular flu. The precautions are the same too-- wash your hands! Too bad they didn't get out of school for 2 weeks--That would be awesome!

Martha said...

Ha sound just like something the highs school I went to would do.