Wednesday, May 13, 2009


There are many reasons why I adore San Diego. One of which is the ability to leave a window open NEARLY every day of the YEAR! Oh man is it refreshing to have some cool moisture filled air constantly 'breezing' into the room. Anyway, lately there have been a lot of frogs out at night croaking off and on while I drift to sleep. I tend to find the noises quite relaxing. Just like the soft chirps I hear in the morning. It makes me feel like I'm somewhere exotic.. and THAT my friends, is a wonderful thing. (:

{images via Flickr}

PS. The first image is of a fun gadget that if you run the stick down the spine of the wooden frog, it sounds like it's croaking! It's a fun toy, I've had the privilege to play with one myself. (:


Amy Marie said...

My dad has one of those frog things, and when I was living with him he would go into my room and wake us up with it... lol. love it!

danika said...

I left a little somethin somethin for you on my blog. because yours is one of my favorites. :)